And Who The Fuck Doesn’t Love Mischievous Sex?

I guess all of us like a little good old fashioned perverted sex once in a while but hell, I like it all the fucking time so I thought I’d start a blog telling bout all my perverted sex adventures. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m known in the sex industry as Richard Nailder – I’ve been working behind the camera for years and in front of the camera fucking cute neighborhood coeds for the last three years. At almost 50 years old, I have underwear that’s older than some of the coeds I’ve  fucked this year.  I run three hardcore websites, Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls and you can see me pounding perverted coed snatch on all three of them. Better yet, you can see all the perverted neighbor coeds that I’ve been fucking for the last three years. None of the coeds on my sites have ever appeared on the internet prior to me convincing then the it was the “right” thing to do butterflyhaze jaydagarcia divaduz interracial xxxp lesbian outdoor teen amateur tattooed plts dildo lcm The do it because they are perverted at heart and they really love sex. Here are a few images from my scrapbook of some of the perverted coeds that have had sex for my camera – some of the lucky sluts have even had sex with me ;-)

Nasty Tasha Licks Butterfly's Pussy

Tasha likes to fuck young tarts and Butterfly, with all her sexy butterfly tattoos had just turned 19 when we shot this set. She had been working with us for a while but she never got enough sex so this perverted coed slut just kept coming back. Butterfly and Tasha can be seen on all three of my amateur smut sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. Join today and get unlimited access to the exclusive content on all three amateur smut sites.

Teen Amateur Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Jayda Garcia was introduced to me by a friend just after her 18th birthday. This perverted hard-bodied Mexican Girl teenager loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves sex. In fact, ask her and she’ll tell you she loves nothing more than sex in the flawless outdoors. I have thousands of perverted images and scenes of this sexy Mexican Girl coed on Glass Mannequin – be sure to check them all out.

Forbidden Interracial Sex

I had never fucked a black chick before I met Diva so when her brother brought her to my door in response to an add I run for Bring Me Your Sister in the local paper, I was real excited to see what it would be like to slam my oversized meat in her sweet black cunt. Trust me guys, my first interracial sex was as good as it gets. Diva then came back to do a good dozen hardcore, cunt-muncher, and orgy shoots for all three sites. Join one – and get full access to the all at no extra cost. So – not that I’ve introduced a few of the perverted neighborhood coeds that I run into ona daily basis, be sure to check out all their perverted sex images and scenes.

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Latina Outlaw Booty

There are a few things to be expected that you would see in in a Tipi, Jayda Garcia’s unmarred booty usually not being one of them. This fiery Latina makes quite the outlaw wielding a dagger and twin revolvers as Jayda shows off her tight teenager cooder. Jayda loves attention and always seems to take pleasure in showing off that itty bitty teenager cooder for the viewers at dwelling. It is always a treat to see Jayda’s cute teenager ass, whether  she is holding a old western pistol or a 8″ sex-toy.

jayda-garcia bald pussy booty

Jayda puts down her pistols to show off the real weapon, her tight Latina teenager cooder.  This little tease knows exactly how she likes to be fucked, the occasional tight cooder is nice but she never sways away from her sex toys. For a freaky 18 year old fuck like this it is a wonder how she could ever be satisfied enough to take a break, but for those times she needs attention Glass Mannequin is always there.

jayga-garcia teen pussy latina

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Round Coed Booty

Jayda is one of the cutest babes I’ve ever seen and when I saw these outdoor video clips of this cute Colorado girl flashing her round teen booty outdoors and then stuffing a green toy deep in her shaved Latina cunt, I had to take ten and spank the monkey. Jayda has more than the fine round booty – she also has a exceptional set of firm teen boobs. These voyeur images are from a film that was secretly shot while this hot teen was walking in the woods behind her place.

JaydaGarcia amateur teen Latina brunette sfm dildo outdoor voyeur booty gnd plts nudes

Jayda wasted no time in getting nude and letting the sun warm her round ass and shaved little cunt. And lucky for us, some pervert caught her public masturbation on shoot. Of course, you should sign up for Glass Mannequin and see the video clips for yourself. In fact, if you join Glass Mannequin today, I’ll throw in two bonus memberships to Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister for no additional charge. Jayda appears on two of these sites and with any luck, we’ll get her to do a hardcore set for the third. In the mean time, feel free to sign up and download all the high-quality video clips of this hot teen with the exceptional round booty.

Jayda's Round Teen Booty - And Sweet Latina Pussy

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Jayda Lowers Her Round Teen Booty Onto A Vibrating Sex Toy

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Mexican Girl Coed Jayda Garcia Masturbates Outdoors

Jayda Garcia is an outdoor babe that loves hiking in the mountains of Colorado. In fact, she likes it so much that she can’t help but get horny whenever she’s in the unsurpassed outdoors. In this photo set, Jayda went hiking above the interstate where all the truckers could look up and get a glance of the hard-bodied Latina teenager taking her clothes off on the hills above the highway.  You can see all the images of Jayda on Glass Mannequin.

latina jaydagarcia outdoor teen amateur

Of course, Jayda loves showing her superb little titties off to the world so she was soon standing there in her underpants taking her blue bra off so we could all see her superb little titties with their pierced nipples. Looking closely, I can see Jayda’s landing strip through her see-through pink  underpants. Her long brown haired hair blows in the wind as she undresses in front of all the people on the highway.

brunette teen outdoor nude panties

Of course, we all desire to see the superb teenager coochie so we wait until Jayda has her underpants completely off and is spreading her little Latina coochie for the camera (and motorists) then we snap a few closeup images of her spreading her coochie lips and rubbing her clit. In fact, why not wait till this cute Latina teenager rubs one out for the camera – I know I did.

shaved pussy pierced

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Man Watches Neighbor Chick Masturbating

A local man was working in his garden when he noticed strange sounds coming from the woods behind his flat. Grabbing his camera, he quietly crept into the woods and found that the strange sounds were coming from his neighbor’s daughter who had apparently left her flat for a little privacy outdoors. The 18 year old daughter of his neighbor was spread eagle in the warm summer sun fingering her shaved teenage cooch and was so involved in fingering her wet little snatch that she never heard her neighbor taking images. At first the man thought he should report the exhibitionist activity but soon he was stroking his own boner as he watched the barely legal neighbor babes caress her swollen clitoris. Spotting the yellow sextoy she had brought with her, he quietly waited for her to stuff the vibrating sex-toy in her dainty little cunt as he secretly watched – stroking his own boner at the same time. You can see more of this hot teenager by joining Real Colorado Girls today.

Neighbor Girl Caught Masturbating JaydaGarcia sfm dildo amateur teen voyeur shaved gnd girlfriend latina

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Jayda Garcia, Mischievous Colorado Teen Fucks For The Camera

JadyaGarcia teen brunette amateur Latina gnd eighteen

Latina teen Jayda Garcia is a shit-load of fun to kickit with and even more fun to film. Jayda showed up one night with Anistaija for a undressed photo set that turned into two teen babes devouring each others pussies. Lucky for me, I got to film it – lucky for you, I got to film it – LOL. Anyway, after Jayda’s first smut shoot, she just kept coming back. To date, I have shot over 10,000 undressed pictures and filmed this perverted teen over 20 times. Of course, her contract was exclusive so you can’t see Jayda fuck anywhere else.

Jayda Garcia Masturbates For The Camera

After doing her first ever porn with Anistaija, Jayda decided that it was a lot of fun showing off her sweet little shaved coed snatch to all the perverts on Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls so she came back and did this solo masturbation photo shoot for you to enjoy. Jayda was real nervous and it shows in a few of the images but by the time this picture of her fingering her little cunt was taken, she was really into fucking herself and hardly noticed the camera there.

gnd sfm amateur teen shaved pufp brunette

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Amateur Teenager Fucks Her Dainty Teenager Vagina

JaydaGarcia amateur teen pussy booty shaved dildo gnd sfm brunette Latina plts

Jayda Garcia showed up at the studio to do a glamor set but it appears that the cute teen had other things planned. Sneaking a purple toy in with her, she soon showed us just how errant she could be. Peeling her purple underwear to the side, she flashed her shaved little muffin at the photographer.

amateur teen

Of course he caught the teenager flashing her little teen muffin on shoot. The real surprise came when the teen tramp pulled out a massive purple toy and started stuffing it deep in her little teen muffin, sliding the toy over her swollen clit and then slowly pushing it deep into her wet little cunt.

dildo sex

It got real hot when she got on her knees and poked her firm teen butt in the air. The purple toy still sliding in and out of her wet muffin, she showed us jut how deep she likes to be fucked. When she rolled back over and pulled the toy slowly out, you could see the cum dripping from her little teen cunt. Lucky for us, there are plenty of closeups of her little pussy.

wet teen pussy

I put a few of the film captures here but to see the entire DVD quality film, you really should check out the website

Anistaija And Jayda Garcia – First Lesbo Sex

A few weeks after doing her first smut shoot,  Anistaija came back with her friend Jayda Garcia and asked if they could do a carpet-muncher shoot together. Jayda had turned 18 the week before and was dying to show off her hard teen body in the same ways that Anistaija had already done. The cute teenagers were soon frolicking on the bed, pulling each other’s clothes off, sucking on each other’s hard nipples and eating each other’s wet teen cunts.

anistaija jaydagarcia lcm lesbian teen amateur brunette 1tm homemade forgasm girlfriend

If you long for to watch these two horny teenagers experiencing their first carpet-muncher experience then you need to take a look at Glass Mannequin. Packed full of dozens of hardcore and softcore photograph and video clips of Anistaija and Jayda Garcia for your jerking pleasure.

Fucking Her Toyfriend – Sex-toy Sex – Jayda Garcia

JaydaGarcia masturbating nude shaved teen brunette dildo Latina sfm plts booty pufp booty amateur sfmCute Camel Toe

Jayda Garcia is a misbehaving little cunt and she never passes up on an opportunity to fuck in front of the camera. We were scheduled to do a nude set but when the little cunt showed up, she insisted on fucking her “friend” – the purple dildo that she had brought with her. Of course I obliged her ;-) .

Pretty teen nudesSmile

This was Jayda’s 2nd nude set ever and she was still a little nervous. It’s easy to see in the free scene clips that she need a bit of instruction but she does a decent job of pulling her panties aside, spreading her shaved teen pussy and inserting the purple dildo to it’s hilt. If you’ve never seen one of Jayda’s porn shoots, you’ll be amazed at how firm her dainty teenager titties are. When she rolls over,and sticks her round little ass in the air, if you’re any man at all, you’ll yearn for to get up behind her and slide your throbbing erection right into her dainty little cunt.

closeup teen pussyWrong hole!

Now since I’m such a nice guy, I put a mini-site together with a bunch of free smut clips of this sexy teenager stuffing her vibrator friend into her little cunt – if you yearn for to see the entire scene in full HQ – you need to check out our members area at

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